The Southern Alamance Horse Club

The Southern Alamance Horse Club is a 4-H club based at Heritage Stables. The SAHC's goal is to give it's members as many hands on opportunities to learn about horses as possible. SAHC is very active throughout the year with riding clinics in the spring and summer, a fun show (members only) in the fall, and unmounted meetings in the winter months. The club holds regular meetings at the farm the first Thursday of every month.

The riding clinics cover a variety topic since the club has a broad span of interests within their membership. Past clinic topics include dressage, jumping, western riding and quadrille to name a few.  Members do not have to own a horse to participate in the mounted activities. Heritage Stable allows their school horses to be used by club members who do not have a horse of their own for club activities.

The club also participates in the 4-H Horse Bowl and Hippology contests each year. Horse Bowl is a verbal quiz competition with an emphasis on speed, team work and memorization. Hippology is a combination test.  It has written exam, identification, team problem and horse judging phases. This aspect of the 4-H program has been a continually wonderful opportunity for members to gain in-depth knowledge of horse management. SAHC has had four of it's members go on to compete at national levels.

If your are interested in joining the Southern Alamance Horse Club or would like more information you can contact Polly Riddell at (336) 222-1303.