Hi Everyone,
A lot has been going on here at Heritage Stables this year!   

Heart and I competed in the Pony Club Dressage Rally April 24th-26th at the Carolina Horse Park.   We showed first level since Heart is still coming back into work after his lameness (he was out for almost six months).   We had beautiful weather and a wonderful quiet setting for the Rally.   Heart was perfect (as usual) and we had great scores.   71% for First Level Test 1 and 67% for First Level Test 3.   We also made our musical freestyle debut and earned a 72%!   

Click the link to watch it on YouTube:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJN0mqdiApI
                                  Thank you, Mom, for the video.   You can hear Demmy whinny at his friend in the video.

My Team was first in Horse Management and overall for the weekend.   Heart and I won high score for the musical freestyle, and first overall!

We qualified for Pony Club Championships in July, at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington Virginia. 
I am so proud of my Heart and I know he will be great! 
                                        Happy Riding,