"Success is not final, Failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts"
             Winston Churchill

Allie Riddell is on her way to becoming a top dressage rider and trainer.   Allie was a member of the United States Pony Club and has tested through the C-3 level following the dressage track.      Allie has been a working student for Cindy Sydnor for six years and has learned everything she knows about dressage from working with Cindy.   Cindy has helped Allie train her off the track thoroughbred, My Valentine (Heart), up through 2nd level dressage and plans to continue her education with Cindy.   This past Summer Allie had the incredible opportunity to spend three months in Germany.   During her time there she had lessons in both jumping and dressage.   It was an excellent learning experience and Allie loved every minute of her time in Germany!   Allie has experience working with difficult horses and teaching them the beginning levels of dressage and jumping.   Allie is currently taking horses in training, and has a particular desire to work with off the track thoroughbreds.  Allie also enjoys teaching beginners the essentials of riding.  Allie stays busy riding, teaching, and training at Heritage Stables.   

Education:   Allie is a Junior in College.   She plans to graduate with a BA in Humanities from Thomas Edison University  located in New Jersey.   Allie Chose this degree and college because she can complete it at home, which allows her to continue teaching and training horses, while still gaining knowledge that will be helpful in her future business.

Honors/Activities:   While in 4-H, Allie represented North Carolina on both the Horse Bowl and Hippology 4-H teams on a National level winning several competitions.   Since aging out of 4-H Allie has given back to 4-H by coaching the Juniors in her club winning at the State level.

In her spare time Allie enjoys playing piano, volleyball, watching a good movie, or reading a good book.